The Christmas Countdown – A Marketing Opportunity

Xmas Marketing

I’m going to say something quietly… it’s only 55 days until Christmas.

The festive season tends to go two ways for businesses. It’s either:

Option A “Oh my goodness we’re so busy I can’t even take a breath until 9pm on Christmas Eve”


Option B “All our customers are too busy with their own silly season to think about spending money with us. We’ll have another mince pie and wait until January”

No matter which way you still need an integrated plan to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity, engaging with customer who might be distracted or making the most of the sales opportunity available.

So whether you need a full marketing strategy, a campaign plan or a concise promotional plan, please do get in touch to arrange a free consultation to make the most of Christmas 2015.

In Need of an Extra Pair of Hands?

If life does get a little out of control in the run up to year end then why not consider taking on an extra pair of hands. As a freelance Marketing Manager I can work from as little as a day a month or a few days a week to ensure that the plan is in place and activated in line with your business objectives; leaving you to focus on what you do best.