The Christmas Countdown – A Marketing Opportunity

Xmas Marketing

I’m going to say something quietly… it’s only 55 days until Christmas.

The festive season tends to go two ways for businesses. It’s either:

Option A “Oh my goodness we’re so busy I can’t even take a breath until 9pm on Christmas Eve”


Option B “All our customers are too busy with their own silly season to think about spending money with us. We’ll have another mince pie and wait until January”

No matter which way you still need an integrated plan to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity, engaging with customer who might be distracted or making the most of the sales opportunity available.

So whether you need a full marketing strategy, a campaign plan or a concise promotional plan, please do get in touch to arrange a free consultation to make the most of Christmas 2015.

In Need of an Extra Pair of Hands?

If life does get a little out of control in the run up to year end then why not consider taking on an extra pair of hands. As a freelance Marketing Manager I can work from as little as a day a month or a few days a week to ensure that the plan is in place and activated in line with your business objectives; leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Direct Mail – A Long Term Committed Relationship











As a Marketing Consultant I work with my clients in a variety of ways to suit their needs and budgets. For some this is a one off project to write them a marketing strategy that they can then implement themselves. For others it’s a short term project to deliver a specific campaign based around a key period of trading, a new product launch or to support a specific customer partnership. However the best returns that I see are from those clients who I work with on a retained basis, offering a set number of days per month.

Typically a retained client relationship will start with the creation of a marketing strategy, a chance to get to know the business, the brand, the target market, competition and previous work. From here we can map out a calendar of activity to address the business and marketing objectives which will ensure and reassure the client that their business will be promoted to their target market as often as required.

The longer that we work together, the more insights we gain, what the target market responds well to, what competitor activity resonates and what are the opportunities to evolve the plan.

This point was illustrated recently with a client, we’ve carried out many pieces of activity over the last 12 months, including newsletters, direct mail, hosting events and creating branded materials. I’m pleased to say that they all had a good level of success. This month we took the direct mail to the next level. We know that the target market have a sense of humour, this has been shown from the response to the newsletters. We know that they like the personal touch and we know that they work with a few of my clients competitors so its important to remind them that we’re there and stand out from the crowd.

Our latest direct mail was not only personalised and comical but it also contained a free gift that was designed to interrupt their day and bring a smile to their faces. Once they had received the DM they also received a follow up phone call to chat about the services.

The results, well, we’re quite chuffed to report that out of the small number sent out (this is a very niche service my client offers) we received 42 positive responses, 13 requests for more information three invitations to speak at seminars and one immediate new booking. Given that the industry average response for DM activity is just 2% you can see why we’re pleased with ourselves!

So if you’re looking to see results from any piece of marketing activity, they key is to build up a picture based on market research. Ensure your activity resonates, reminds and interrupts and wherever possible always add the personal touch. In this day and age where we’re bombarded with thousands of messages each day, the main aim is to achieve cut through and sometimes all that’s required to achieve this is a little bit of planning and thought.

If you’d like to chat about how we can help plan and deliver your marketing please do get in touch.

Many Hands… A Marketing Workshop for Learndirect in Yeovil

When talking to new clients they often remark that they’ve been meaning to sort out their marketing for a while but never quite get round to it. It’s something that many people enjoy but all too often it slips down the to do list, being replaced with seemingly more urgent matters. However, without a carefully planned series of marketing activities most businesses will suffer, lose clients, lose out to the competition or just fail to make themselves heard.

For those who do find the time it can be difficult to create a plan, you might know what you want to do but can’t quite lay this plan out or omit to consider all influencing factors.

Learn Direct in Yeovil approached Neyland’s Tonic to help shape their exisiting marketing efforts, they had plenty of ideas but felt that the current plan could be improved. We decided to run a marketing workshop to go through their thoughts, brainstorm ideas and put the activities into a more structured plan. It seems that many hands or minds in this case really do make light work. Steve Marney, Customer Engagement Manager was delighted to report that following the session they had managed to achieve 33 new customers in February – nearly 70 for March. Of the workshop Steve said:

“Lizzie helped us to identify key objectives within our existing marketing and promotional plans and showed us what to prioritise and how to go about putting that plan into action!  Just a few weeks after the Neyland’s Tonic Marketing Workshop the learndirect centre in Yeovil managed to double the number of new customers compared to the previous month!  Thank you Lizzie for steering us in the right direction, making a real difference to the profile of our services and of course for helping us to understand more about our target market.”

If you have a head full of marketing ideas but lack the time to create a full marketing strategy or even can’t find the time to bring the plan to life, then please do get in touch to arrange a time for a free consultation to discuss how Neyland’s Tonic can help

Client Testimonial: New Farm Restaurant Promotional Plan


“The promotional plan reflected our brief admirably”

Neyland’s Tonic completed a promotional plan for New Farm Restaurant & B&B. Below are some kind words they had to say about us….


“All aspects of the work undertaken by Lizzie of Neyland’s Tonic were extremely good, from the outset  she understood our wishes. Thorough and detailed research was undertaken, the findings presented  professionally and a promotional plan  delivered that was within our means and reflected our brief admirably.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lizzie to  colleagues and have only heard good comments  from them about her work.” – Crispin Bond, New Farm Restaurant.


Many thanks to Crispin and if you’re in the area do stop by at New Farm Restaurant to sample their delicious home cooked food and warm welcome. For more information see

Neyland’s Tonic now with Government Funded Discount!


Government appoints Enterprise Nation to run a Growth Voucher scheme

Creating a marketing strategy for any business will ensure that future promotional activity is targeted to the right consumers, through the right channels in a consistent way. However finding the time and resource to do this can be a challenge.

Now I appreciate that I’m slightly biased, but commissioning a Marketing Consultant to do this job on your behalf is by far the most effective and efficient way of completing this task. Not only does a Marketing Consultant bring a professionally trained approach but as an outsider can view the project with fresh eyes, asking the right questions, considering new options and creating an independent and uninfluenced view.

Many potential clients who I speak to are sole traders, running small businesses and working every hour possible to build a successful business and whilst they can see the advantages the feedback from some has been that even with my reasonable rates they simply can’t quite justify the spend with all the other costs they have.

Without the plan in place they are unlikely to see a significant level of growth which then gets into a vicious circle. But fear not, help is on hand…. From the Government of all places!

The Government has appointed Enterprise Nation to run a Growth Voucher scheme. The scheme is part of a £30m project aimed at understanding the impact of supporting small businesses through specialist advice on all key areas of growth, marketing, finance, HR, leadership, management etc.

20,000 vouchers are issued to qualifying businesses who apply through . The voucher entitles the business to match funding up to £2,000 from approved Growth Voucher Advisors.

The project is been running since January and will operate until early next year. So if you think you’d like some help with developing your business then do visit the Enterprise Nation website for more information.

Marketing Workshops: Now There’s an Idea.

to do list

Half and full day marketing workshops to help you achieve your objectives.

Picture the situation…Your to do list is getting longer, you pick the easy quick or urgent items of the list whilst subtly ignoring other items on there, one of which is marketing. Sound familiar?

Marketing is one of those things that we all need to do, it’s what helps to shape our business, keep us front of mind with our customers or increase awareness in order to recruit new customers, but finding the time to do it is problematic; let alone knowing where to start.

This week we have been working with a new client in Somerset, one who we will hopefully be sharing success stories from in the near future. This client actually loves marketing and wants to make the company a huge success. The issue is simply a lack of time.

So, we decided to run a marketing workshop. We spent the day together talking through all the vital elements of a strategic marketing review. Auditing the figures, the activity, the competition. Looking at the vision and objectives for the future and understanding the target market and the best ways to connect with them.

It was a fantastic day, for the client to feel like they had got everything off their mind (a little like a therapy session!) and also to know that we’d go away and do the hard work, digest the information and produce a working plan which will allow us all to progress towards the vision and achieve the objectives.

So if marketing just never gets done, then perhaps the thought of a workshop makes it more achievable. We can do this for half or a full day and then whilst you get back to doing what you do best, we’ll crack on and do what we do best; which is ensuring that you have valuable and lasting customer relationships.

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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